Advanced TDD

Exercises are in Java but are applicable to C#, C++ and other object oriented languages.


An intensely hands-on and exercise driven course that focuses on the design of clean, robust and maintainable unit and acceptance tests. Students will learn the principles of test design and the practices of keeping tests clean. More importantly, they will learn the principles of designing applications for testability. Exercises include the refactoring of bad tests, the writing of clean tests and the design and refactoring of applications to make them testable.



Developers with one or more years of experience with TDD.


Learning Goals

  • The professional's attitude towards TDD
  • Coping with an non-TDD organization
  • The Principles of Clean Tests
  • Conventions for well-written tests
  • Avoiding and repairing fragile tests
  • Testing with GUIs, Databases, Web Containers and external resources
  • Stubbing, Mocking and Test Doubles
  • Metrics and Tools
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • Acceptance Testing


Detailed Outline



  • Working knowledge of Java, TDD, JUnit



  • 3 days



  • $1950
  • Price includes course notes and workbooks


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