Agile/XP Planning and
Estimating Course


This 2-day course will teach you about Agile/XP planning and estimating techniques. Designed for programmers, managers, customers, and analysts, the course outlines the roles people play in the Agile/XP process and how those roles interact to deliver projects.


You will learn how to manage the progress of a project by managing sprints; how to measure and report progress; how to react when plans change; and how to recover when things go wrong. Special emphasis is placed on the kinds of metrics you should gather, automated techniques for gathering the metrics and the various forms of reporting the results through the use of wall charts.


In terms of planning projects, you will learn how to properly write, estimate, split, and merge stories. You will learn how to prioritize stories, and compose them into release plans and sprint (iteration) plans. You will understand how to break stories down into tasks, and how to sign up for and estimate tasks.


Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will understand how to:

  • Write stories
  • Plan releases
  • Plan sprints
  • Plan tasks and sign up for tasks
  • Perform acceptance testing
  • Track projects and keep them visible to stakeholders
  • Manage projects in an Agile environment


Detailed Outline



  • None



  • 2 day



  • $1250
  • Price includes course notes and workbooks
  • Depending on the level of detail that you require, this course can be customized from one to three days


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