Agile/XP Software Seminar Series


This 4-day event is a series of seminars designed to introduce executives, managers, technical experts, architects, developers, quality assurance specialist and business analysts to a variety of software best practices.


The session begins with a 90-minute overview session for executives and managers who want to understand how Agile methodologies can help their teams increase their productivity, predictability, and accuracy, while significantly decreasing defects. It then continues with a series of highly technical and detailed tutorials for software professionals designed to take them to the next level of professionalism.


Seminar Objectives

By the end of this seminar:

  • Executive and senior managers will have a high-level understanding of Agile methodologies and how these methods can benefit their organization
  • Architects, analysts and technical leads will be introduced to a series of advanced principles and patterns of object-oriented Agile software design
  • Development teams will be introduced to the concept of test-driven development, code refactoring, unit testing, automated acceptance testing and automated metrics gathering
  • Development teams will be introduced to a variety of strategies for managing large, legacy code bases and how to successfully migrate those code bases to more modern software approaches


Detailed Outline



  • For the executive seminar, participants should
    have a general understanding of prevailing software development processes.
  • For the technical seminars, participants should
    be familiar with prevailing software development programming practices



  • 4 days



  • Call for pricing


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