Intensive Hands on Principles, Patterns and Practices of Object-Oriented Programming in Java, C# or C++


This three-day course introduces students to the principles, patterns and practices of professional object-oriented software development using the Java, C# or C++ programming language.  The course is designed for developers with all levels of experience.  Beginners will obtain a firm grounding in the principles, patterns and practices, while experienced developers will be able to sharpen and refine their skills by learning how to apply the concepts more effectively.


Students learn through a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises that reinforce the concepts and practices. Each principle, pattern and practice is driven home through a hands-on exercise. Students work in teams to write new code or alter existing code to resolve, enhance and improve code quality.


Throughout the course, students are provided with a single web-based example and associated unit tests that they continuously improve by successively applying the principles, practices and patterns. In all of the exercises, students use the best practice of Test Driven Development (TDD).



By the end of this course, you will know how to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of object-oriented design and dependency management
  • Learn professional practices that make projects succeed
  • Learn important design patterns and how and when to apply them
  • Be able to apply Test-Drive Development in the context of Object Oriented Design Principles and Patterns


Detailed Outline



  • Successful completion of a self-assessment quiz that covers basic programming skills, refactoring basics, xUnit basics and UML class diagramming. The self-assessment was created by Object Mentor and will be provided in advance of the training. An experienced developer will take about 15 minutes to complete the assessment while a novice might take as long as 60 minutes. This assessment guide can be used to acquire the basic skills necessary to successfully participate in the course. If desired, students can optionally take our one-day Test-Driven Development and Refactoring Techniques Primer course to fufill the prerequisites.



  • 3 days



  • $1950
  • Price includes course lecture slides and notes.


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Student testimonials.

"I have been to several patterns courses. We usually get bogged down with coding & patterns so the lesson is lost. Since we focused on principles in this course, I understood the 'lesson' for the first time!"


"This course is well structured to the point - concise."


"Good hands-on exercises, interactive class."


"The course was very good and will definitely help me with my everyday work."


"This course will enable me to write less code and more reliable code."

"This course completely met my expectations and what I've learned will help me with my current career role and my future goals."

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