The Embedded Challenge


Like conventional software development projects, nearly 75% of all embedded projects are either late or cancelled. When Venture Development Corporation surveyed over 400 embedded developers, they learned that only about 1 in 20 projects were completed on time, that 1 in 5 projects were cancelled completely and that half the projects were late by an average of 3.8 months. [Original Article]


But correcting this problem is an even greater for embedded software developers because most of them are not familiar with the "state-of-the-art" principles, processes and practices that are used in conventional development environments. Even embedded engineers with years of experience may not be aware of these improved techniques. To compound the problem even further, most embedded engineers are deploying their solutions on "targets" with limited CPU cycles and limited memory resources using commercial tools and libraries that are often not suitable for embedded development. Even embedded testing and debugging requires special purpose tooling and approaches.


Object Mentor can help by introducing your embedded software developers to new embedded tools, techniques, and environments as well as new programming principles, practices and processes.

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