Agile/XP Immersion™ Course
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The Object Mentor Agile/XP Immersion course is an intensive five day experience for whole teams of developers, QA, business analysts, and project managers. The teams participate in the specification, estimating, planning, development, and testing of a real software project. The course is punctuated by lecture, demonstration, and discussion; but the vast majority of class hours are spent DOING under the guidance of the instructors.


This Immersion course takes a breadth-first approach. Students will learn a little bit about the entire Agile/XP method. They will gain first-hand experience at breaking features into stories, estimating those stories, writing acceptance tests, planning iterations and releases, unit testing, developing in the XP style, refactoring, pair programming, continuous integration, and all of the other disciplines of an Agile/XP team. Using this approach, students gain a breadth of understanding sufficient to see the bigger picture, and are then ready to begin to gain depth of experience and tutelage.


Managers understand the dynamics of coaching an Agile team. Programmers and testers gain practical experience in using Agile practices such as continuous integration and test, test driven development, paired programming, and refactoring. Customers and business analysts learn how to create well-defined requirements, use cases, and acceptance tests.



By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand Agile terminology such as scrum, sprint, daily standup meetings, and retrospectives
  • Understand Agile practices and techniques such as test driven development, paired programming, refactoring and continuous integration and test
  • Understand the Agile process of software development and have practice in developing an application using Agile practices and techniques


Detailed Outline



  • Familiar with software development and programming



  • 5 days



  • $2450
  • Price includes course notes and workbooks


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"Intense. Effective. Extremely high quality. If you're interested in truly learning Agile/XP, this is the thing to do. If you just want a bland Powerpoint presentation, don't bother."

Paul Hodgetts,


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