Testable Java
It's often hard to retrofit unit tests in code that wasn't designed to be testable. In this paper, Michael Feathers describes a simple rule that you can use during development to assess the testability of your Java code.

API Design As If Unit Testing Mattered
This was presented by Michael C. Feathers at SD West 2007.

SMC - Finite State Machine Compiler (Java)
This is the Java version of the SMC. It's in the form of an executable jar file and is able to generate both Java and C++ code. The source, however, is not yet presentable.
This fixture for the FIT framework ( provides shell like behavior. A FIT table can specify commands to run, test the output of those commands, create files, test files for existence, and many other features. See for more information

Programming Practices in XP Powerpoint slides
This is the Powerpoint presentation that Robert Martin used for his two web seminars on December 12, 2000. - Dependency Analysis Script
This is a bash script that calculates the dependencies described in the paper "Object Oriented Design Quality Metrics: an analysis of dependencies". It walks through a directory structure of C++ programs and generates reports that show the values of the metrics for each class category. (text format)

Task Master Examples
These are the examples from the TaskMaster article. They used to be at Now they are here.

A simple mailing list server, developed test-first

CppUnit Lite
A simple C++ unit-testing tool based on the popular JUnit. See CppTestTools for a complete testing solution that includes FitNesse.


These are the, now famous, C++ Test tools for writing unit tests and FitNesse fixtures in C++. This package includes Capabilities as well as CppFit, makefiles, macros, and many other useful tools and documents to get you going in the world of TDD in C++ or C.

Agile Coaching Presentation
A presentation on coaching given at Agile2006.
A simple recording and checking tool to aid refactoring in Java.

Template for UML Diagrams
This is the Visio template that Robert Martin and James Newkirk use for creating UML diagrams in their articles and books. It is based upon Pavel Hruby's work, but has several extensions.

Refactoring Exercise
20Mb download of a refactoring exercise


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