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October 23rd, 2006

The Path to Craftsmanship: Principles, Patterns, and Practices

Robert Martin outlines a path for software developers to learn "craft" of software development.


September 14, 2006

Designing Away Preconditions blog by Michael Feathers

‘Design by Contract’ is good, right? It’s supposed to be, but you always have to deal with that one question: what do you do when a precondition fails in production? In some systems...


September 14, 2006

The Speed of Java, C++ and Ruby blog by Uncle Bob

You might find the following chart interesting. It shows the same "Sieve of Eratoshthenes" algorithm in Ruby, Java, and C++....


September 14, 2006

More Work? blog by Tim Ottinger

Some programmers told me that they understand how management benefits from agile development in flexibility and risk reduction. However, they said, it is a lot more work than non-agile development...


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