Leadership Principles


Object Mentor is dedicated to building software quickly and building it right. The most successful software projects are a combination of strong management, superior technical skills and the use of well-defined development methodologies or processes. Whether training, coaching, mentoring or delivering software, Object Mentor provides you with leadership in the following areas:

  • Management leadership and experience
  • Technical leadership and experience
  • Best principles, practices and processes experience


Management Leadership and Experience

Our team members have an average of over 18 years experience in managing software projects. From project inception to completion, our people know how to deliver quality software on time and within budget. They are experienced in the principles, practices and processes that make projects successful, they are adept at spotting the warning signs when projects are off track, they undestand how to manage and track change as well as mitigate risk. And they are pragmatic decision makers.


Leadership Through Technical Experience

Our team members are experts in the technical aspects of software delivery. They have been early adopters of design principles and patterns. They are the authors of well-respected books on specific areas of software design and development. And each mentor specializes in a specific technical area such as agile practices and processes, legacy systems, object-oriented design, design patterns or embedded systems.


Best Principles, Practices and Processes Experience

Object Mentor team members are industry-recognized thought leaders in terms of software principles, practices and processes. They have established a reputation for leading the industry through books, papers, articles and appearances. The company has been an advocate of object-oriented software design and agile development principles for many years. In 1998, Object Mentor through close collaboration with Kent Beck helped define the Agile development method called Extreme Programming. In 2000, we helped form the Agile Alliance — a group of software professionals dedicated to the advocacy of lean and emergent software development methods. This knowledge and experience is brought to every project we work on and in every course we teach.

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